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The Sugarbowl

The Sugarbowl calls itself “the sweetest place in Edmonton”, within easy bike riding distance, happens to be next to my favourite bike shop, so to kill two birds with one stone, I’m dropping my bike for a tune up, and having lunch while we wait to test out their motto.

Having chilled off today, I opt for a booth inside, where it’s homey, warm, and smells divinely of sweetbreads, coffee and grilled meat.

First off, the staff here are super! Quick, and as cheery as the place itself.

In the mood for vegan, I’m happy to find a menu that can accommodate those who require gluten free- including gluten free beer, as well as stellar vegan options. I’m not vegan, but who doesn’t appreciate a well cooked meal- meat or no?

While I wait, I’m served an Americano, and opt for the Black Bean Mushroom Burger with a kale Caesar salad, both are mouthwatering. The Caesar dressing redeems the kale valiantly (I’d eat this every day), and the burger is firm, juicy, perfectly seasoned, and pairs wonderfully with the chevre.

With more time to wait, I order a cinnamon bun, and a Yukon Red beer, which is among over a hundred on the beer menu. It’s a deep, clear bronze, with a fine head. Malty, slightly bitter, with caramel as it goes down. Hey, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

The cinnamon bun is delicious, worth bringing some home for the next sweet-tooth moment.

Serving various types of food since 1943, this happily experienced little place might be my new favourite go-to for cycling days, weekend breakfast, or casual local coffee trips.

They may be right- it’s pretty sweet.

A review by Colleen MacKinnon; a local blogger, foodie and dynamic member of the Belgravia Square sales team.

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