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DaDeO New Orleans Diner & Bar

Think of one thing that says “Diner” to you.

If your first thought was red vinyl chairs, chrome, a long bar, cherry coke, juke boxes, turquoise anything, or a checkerboard floor, congratulations, not only have you conjured the classic diner experience, if you’re lucky enough to come across DaDeO New Orleans Diner & Bar, you get all of the above.

Bonus- juke boxes that work, and which add to the overall feeling of actually having walked into a classy 50’s joint, with food to back it up. The New Orleans version of Back to the Future- with dirty jazz.

Near me is a campy tin sign complete with melodramatic couple, and the words, “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”. I can’t help being in a good mood.

DaDeO’s is famous locally for their Po’Boys, so I ordered the fried oysters Po’Boy, and a Mississippi Mud Black & Tan. The perfect combination it turns out. My sandwich comes with sweet potato fries, big and crisp on the outside, a salty sidekick to this Louisiana classic.

The oysters are big, well seasoned, and fried a perfect nut brown. Truthfully, if there are oysters on a menu, I’m hard pressed to order anything else on my first visit, and if they’re great, I’ll work my way through each incarnation of them. They’re my canary-in-the-coalmine indicator of whether or not I’ll visit a restaurant again, and I’m very happy, which means another (several) visits to thoroughly acquaint myself with the rest of the menu.

Next (with another MM) Bananas Foster; a New Orleans original, born and bred in the 1950’s. It’s exactly right. The only thing that could make it better, is having two more.

Ambiance will get me every time- and the light in here is very flattering to everything and everyone. Stay too long, eat, drink too much, enjoy every off colour topic.

A review by Colleen MacKinnon; a local blogger, foodie and dynamic member of the Belgravia Square sales team.

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