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Wilson Climbing Centre

So, this place is big- and has some climbs reminiscent of Mission Impossible II… close your eyes and conjure Tom Cruise.

Let me begin by saying that though I’ve always been active, competitive, and consider myself rather athletic, I am not a natural climber. My prowess has tended on the side of lifting things up, and putting things down. A star with weights, and on a roadbike- basically, any linear movement and I can say with confidence, I’m good at it.

I’ve only been climbing once before my visit to the Wilson Climbing Centre, and then I only released the wall and dropped back down to the matt because my then 5 year old daughter was there. Otherwise, I might still be clinging to the top of the wall trying to convince myself that I could climb down.

About the same cost as a drop-in to a gym, if you don’t have gear, you’ll be able to rent it for a small additional cost.

So, this place is big- and has some climbs reminiscent of Mission Impossible II… close your eyes and conjure Tom Cruise. Visualization. It gets me through.

With a good instructor to belay me (read, “guide me through the lingo, and up and back down the wall), my confidence grew, and I found myself actually enjoying the experience.

Rock climbing is much more leg strength they say, but in this case, “they” may have the grip strength of Spiderman, I had to take a few short breaks to let my fingers and forearms recoup, but reached the top of a few climbs and was feeling conditioned in 20 minutes or so.

This rock climbing gym has a bouldering lounge, high wall loft, top roping and lead climbing. Naturally, I went straight for the high wall, climbed to the top in a bout of self confidence (I am woman, hear me roar), and spent 5 minutes convincing my instructor that it really was much easier to cling, barnacle-like for just a bit longer before allowing him to belay me down.

To my surprise, it was a glory! Not a lifetime pursuit quite yet, but a budding passion. It’s still a linear movement after all, straight up, and straight down.

Next time I’ll venture into the other parts of the centre to get my groove on.

A review by Colleen MacKinnon; a local blogger, foodie and dynamic member of the Belgravia Square sales team.

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