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Malt and Mortar

In a building situated in Old Strathcona, built by C&E Railway in 1891, lies a gastronomic and ambient gem.

The interior is simple, and could, quite frankly, double as its original self on a movie set- the restoration down to the pine ceiling gives a feeling of authenticity, with nothing to detract from the charming brick, and lofts full of oak barrels.

Bigger than it looks from the street, there’s plenty of natural light to people watch, or check out the characters around the 360 degree bar.

In an uncharacteristic turn, I ask the server what appetizers she would recommend, and order all three, with a Vanilla Porter brewed in Toronto. Before you gasp at my greed- there were three of us, so I wasn’t totally planning on stuffing myself like the thanksgiving turkey. (but I wanted to after the first bite)

The porter was balanced in hops and bitterness, and mellowed by the vanilla- perfect for the evening.

We had Smoked Salt and Pepper Wings, Steak Tacos, and Perogy Won Tons to start, then finished with the Gazebo Park Buddha Bowl with Miso Marinated Trout.

It was exactly as tasty as it reads.
The wings were perfectly seasoned, crispy on the outside, moist and well done on the inside, and I would go back for the Steak Tacos every day, the beef was thinly sliced, laid on sautéed veggies with a corn tortilla, and the Won Tons are how every perogy wishes it could be.

The main was flavourful, mildly spiced with a thai peanut sauce the thickness of bernais- so it managed to sink into the bottom of the bowl flavouring each bite.

The trout, we were told, was imported, and the chef knows just how to prepare it. It was still hot by the time it reached our table, tender and light, making a great protein addition to the bowl, which I would also order again even without the trout.

Malt & Mortar is friendly, chic, and busy, I can’t wait to go back for more staff favourites and recommendations.

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