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Belgravia Hub

This is a great place to meet friends, take your sweetheart, or to come solo, for a glam and satisfying martini, and clean, delicious fare.

There is something calming in simplicity. Simplicity is just what I needed this evening, which is almost a shame as I peruse the menu, and am tempted to order several courses and a glass of wine- the wine list is minimalist, well rounded and tempting.

Belgravia Hub, opened three years ago this past March, has mid-century modern décor, a full wall of windows facing a solid wood bar, and what looks to be teak shelving. It’s got an organic simplicity that melts my stress immediately.

Mercury glass pendants hang over the tables and there is an accent wall tiled to resemble vintage barn board. Overall, it’s understated and elegant.

The Bel Hub is open for the lunch and evening crowd, and the staff recommends that you call ahead for reservations from Thursday to Saturday to avoid being turned away.

The Caesar Salad with Salmon filet exceed my expectations, the bacon balancing the dressing perfectly, perking up each bite with saltiness, while the salmon has been cooked with butter (a chef after my own heart), so it’s a heaven of richness and flavour.

Much as I’m a red wine girl, it’s warm out, and the blissful solitude calls for a cocktail, which the Bel Hub is known for locally, so, in the spirit of single women (a la Sex and the City), I decide it’s a Cosmopolitan kind of night. Besides, it’s fun to watch a bartender mix a drink.

In keeping with the spirit of the décor, there are maraschino cherries garnishing my cosmo, rather than a twist, but the drink is neither too sweet nor too tart, and I can taste each ingredient.

A review by Colleen MacKinnon; a local blogger, foodie and dynamic member of the Belgravia Square sales team.

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