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Ampersand 27 (&27)

including cocktails with the names “Chica Cherry Cola”, “Beast of Bourbon” and “Settlers of Catan”

According to Oxford English Dictionaries, ‘The ampersand is an ancient Roman symbol derived from the ligature or combination into one character of the e and t in the Latin et, meaning and.’

I had to look this up of course, and found that there once were 27 characters in our alphabet, “&” being the odd man out- was deleted in the 18th century. Mystery of the name of &27 solved!

The newly crafted cocktail menu (including cocktails with the names “Chica Cherry Cola”, “Beast of Bourbon” and “Settlers of Catan”)had me humming Savage Garden’s Cherry Cola, and Rolling Stones’ Beast of Burden and fondly remembering game nights with friends.

&27 calls itself a “passionately local” restaurant, in and for Edmonton. With partners across Alberta, there was really no better way but to try as many items as possible at one time, with a charcuterie plate, which I left to my server, Goose’s, discretion.

Duck prosciutto, Rabbit Rillette, Gypsy Salami, Manchego, Old Grizzly, and Blue Benedictine cheeses alongside house made sourdough bread.

Duck makes a fine prosciutto, having similar meat to fat ratio to pork, and the rabbit was a pleasant surprise- I’m not a fan of rabbit in general, but this preparation made it delectable, with a consistency like French country pate-bravo Executive Chef Fan Zhang! I’ve been converted.

My drinks for the evening include Stag’s Leap Cabernet Sauvignon, and a Beast of Bourbon to finish.

This hotspot on Whyte Avenue is a cross between high brow with a shot of organic hip.

A review by Colleen MacKinnon; a local blogger, foodie and dynamic member of the Belgravia Square sales team.

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